Everyone remembers the first time
'Cause the heart knows there'll never be another like this
But the thing about the last time
Is you don't know that it's the last time 'til it is

This quote from Tenille Townes song, “the Last Time” really resonates with me. We capture photos of our kids’ first steps, first day of school, first car…. 

But what about the last time. Usually we don’t know when that last time is. 

I was recently photographing a senior football team in a quarter-final game on the road to Provincials. Sadly, the team didn’t progress. For some of these players who had devoted their lives to football, this was their final football game. The last time playing for their team. The last time wearing their equipment and the last time they will wear blue and gold. 

At the end of the game, there were a lot of emotions and I am so thankful that I had been there to capture these young men. They will have life-long memories and beautiful photos to remind them of their proud time representing their high school and being a part of the football family.

Don't put it off. Take those photos. Capture the moment because you just never know.