What is the process?

My goal is to provide you with photos that capture the real you, make you look your best and help celebrate your many accomplishments and milestones from your high school journey.

Here is how I will do that


I'd love to get to know you a bit better and learn about your interests. How do you want to show up in photos? What is important to YOU to remember about high school and this time in your life? We will meet for about 20-30 minutes with your parent - I am sure they ALSO have ideas about what they want for your photos. Between us, we will come up with a plan, talk about locations, and schedule a date and a back-up date. It is also really important for me to know if your shoot is going to involve other people like your friends, family, grandparents, pets. I often schedule multiple shoots on dates and don't always have flexibility to extend the session.


I'll send you some reminders before the shoot so that you are ready to go the day of. We can also touch base about weather or other events that might change our plans. It is helpful for you to think about about any shots that you know you want. Look through Pinterest or Instagram and search for ideas. Feel free to email them to me ahead of time. I'll create a guide for the day of to give both of us ideas of what poses you'd like (and any that you DON'T want!)


Make sure that if you are booking hair and make-up, that you do it well in advance. Guys, moisturize your face and use lip balm! Give yourself lots of time that day to get ready. Don't forget to eat snacks while you are getting ready. It is going to be a long day and you don't want to be hungry! During the shoot, I will show you how to pose, show you what to do and what not to do. Feel free to make suggestions and most importantly, be yourself. If you aren't feeling super confident in a pose, don't be afraid to tell me. The bottom line is I want you to feel comfortable so that your personality shines through.


Within a week of your photoshoot, I'll deliver your photos in a digital gallery. I offer digital files which are great for posting on Instagram and social media. Feel free to share the photos on your social feeds, just remember to tag me @sarahtk.photo and please don't add anything to the photos filters, etc.) or change them in any way.

I do use client photos on my website and on my social accounts for marketing purposes. If there are any photos that you specifically don't want me to use, just let me know!