Why is it so important to capture photos of your teen?

freeze this moment in time

There is no rewind button in life. Take the opportunity right now to capture this exciting moment in your teen's life through memorable images that you will treasure forever. Teens change so quickly and it is important to document their interests, their sports, their hobbies, right at this moment because time is fleeting and before long, the opportunity will be lost.



Give your teens the opportunity to have amazing images of themselves that truly reflect their personality and showcase who they are at this moment in their lives. Let them see how important they are to you by creating ‘wall art’ with their images to proudly display in your home.


We take photos of our kids for our annual Christmas card, on their birthday, for their graduation, but what about all the in-between moments? Those moments are often when their true smile shines and we see them for the special people they really are, doing the things that they love to do.

how I can help

Capturing your teen authentically at this age can be challenging. Let's face it, people (teens included) often find it intimidating to be in front of a camera.

I'd love the opportunity to offer a relaxed session that helps your teenager forget that the camera is there. I will capture images of them doing what they love to do and document their life at this moment. 

Each session is different depending on the activity, location, time involved. Pricing starts at $295. Contact me for more information about booking for a teen session.

"In the home, photos are more than decor; they’re visual love letters that communicate a child’s importance & their family’s history."