What can I expect at the session?

When we first meet for a consultation, I’ll find out more about your vision for your photos. Do you want me to capture you in action on the field playing field hockey or lacrosse? Or would you prefer to have photos of you hanging out on your school grounds or in your backyard with your dog? Or do you want photos of you walking through your favourite forest or on a beach? Once we have figured out what kind of photos you want, we will schedule one or two shooting dates. Each session takes about an hour. Allow for a bit extra time if you are planning on wearing more than one outfit and keep in mind the time of year and the weather.

What do I wear?

What do you normally wear? What do you feel comfortable wearing? What kind of photos are we taking? It really depends. Don’t feel you need to dress up if that isn’t really you. I would recommend ensuring that your clothes are clean, don’t have big logos, and aren’t super bright colours. 

I hate having my photo taken!

Remember that almost everyone feels a bit awkward when a camera is in front of them. I’d like to try to catch you in the most natural of poses, but don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable!  I’ll guide you a bit in the beginning and you will start to relax the more we get into the session. As we go, I will show you a few photos so that you can see how amazing you look. My goal is to capture you being you, so you shouldn’t need to ‘pose’ too much. I may adjust your positioning so you look your best and If I am taking photos of you on the basketball court, it make take us a few takes of you jumping to shoot hoops so that I can get the best angle and light! 

What should I expect after my session? 

After your session I will post a sneak peek, usually within 24 hours! YAY! You will receive an email from me when I am done with editing your gallery! (typically within a week). How many photos will depend on the type of photos we are doing, but I aim for 15-20. I’d love for you share your photos on social media - just remember not to add any filters or change the photos in any way and tag me on Instagram @sterkeurs.