Let's face it, posing for grad photos can be super awkward! Don't worry, your photographer will help you find the most comfortable poses that are flattering in photos, but here are a few things you can keep in mind!

Work Your Angles

Don’t face the camera head-on. Turn your body a little, about 45 degrees. This creates a slimmer profile and adds some serious flair to your pose.

Hands On Point

Keep those arms from hanging limp! Put one hand on your hip, play with your dress, or casually touch your date’s arm. It looks natural and prevents your arms from looking flat. Guys, try loosely putting your hand in your pocket with your thumb hanging out.

Chin Magic (Trust me on this one!)

It is going to feel weird, but honestly, you just have to trust me. Push your chin forward and down a bit (like a turtle!) It is a game-changer for avoiding the dreaded double chin and defining that jawline. You’ll look like a total red-carpet star!

Smile Like You Mean It

Forget the forced smiles. Think of something funny or sweet just before the pic is snapped. A genuine smile lights up your face and looks so much better. And please ladies, no pouty or 'kissy' Be Real faces, we want to see your honest smile.

Posture Power

Stand tall with your shoulders back. Good posture screams confidence and shows off your outfit perfectly!

Most importantly, have confidence and have fun! As long as you are smiling, your grad photos are going to be amazing! Everyone is proud of your hard work over the past 12 years, you should be too!