I have had the opportunity to be an official team photographer for several local sports teams, partially because my kids are active and belong to several teams. What started off as a hobby, quickly progressed into a deep love of catching those action shots. Whether kids are jumping, shooting, scoring, saving, or hitting, I want to catch it in a photo!

As a team photographer, my biggest goal is to try to capture each player at some point in the game. Sometimes this is a challenge because the temptation is to follow the ball and the action, but this doesn’t necessarily capture those people who are a valuable asset, but not always in the middle of the action. 

I can photograph in almost all kinds of weather, but obviously sunny or cloudy days are preferable over  blustery, rainy ones and the photos will be much better! The same can be said for night photos which are a challenge because of the lack of light. You can see examples in my portfolio of all kinds of weather conditions and the differences in photo quality. 

I don’t tend to do a lot of video, and focus mainly on stills although occasionally I’ve been known to switch to video to catch a goal or great save!

So how does it work? I travel anywhere in the Lower Mainland (within 30 km) to a game. I will stay for the entire game and film from all angles if possible. I photograph outdoors or indoors (fields or areas). When I’ve finished editing, you’ll get a password-protected gallery with between 30-50 action shots that you can share with your team. All photos can be downloaded with no watermark and do NOT need to be purchased. 

I am also available for tournaments depending on schedule. I work with tournament organizers to catch as many games as possible. For these kind of shoots, I watermark the photos in the gallery and offer individual photos for purchase. 

Let me know if you are interested in having me come out to a game. I promise that the kids will LOVE seeing themselves in action!

Sideline access is necessary to capture the best Game Day images. Please confirm with your coach or AD before booking that access will be provided.