It is a bit embarrassing

And it isn’t because I am lazy or because I lack creativity. The fact of the matter is, I am a photographer and I don’t have ONE photo of the three of my kids together from this year. I have lots of them in their sports gear and a few of them individually, but seriously, I can’t get them all together in one location, with a decent expression on their face, and with their hair combed (I’d even give in on that last request!) 

For as long as we have had kids, I have sent out personalized photo cards to all our family in the Netherlands and family and friends around the world, so I have an expectation of what I want the card to look like. None of the photos I have of the kids will work. I used to use the annual pumpkin patch visit as an excuse to take photos, but for some reason, this year, it just didn’t work. So now, I feel like a failure. I am a photographer because I can’t even get a decent photo of my kids to use on a Christmas card. (Don’t even get me started with my thoughts on expectations at Christmas!)

Do you struggle with this same issue? If you do, consider booking a photoshoot session for next year, early in the fall. Put it into your calendar RIGHT NOW! Book a session to get a photo of your teens that you can use for your holiday card. Do NOT be like me. Get that photo of your teens. Send out holiday cards. Let everyone see your beautiful teenagers and how much they are changing.

ps. I am so desperate, that I almost used the above photo...except that it is from two years ago. <insert eye-roll>

pps. At the very last minute, and AFTER I posted this, I DID ACTUALLY end up getting a photo of them and was able to put together a Christmas card!!